Wecon LX3V-485-2BD plc module

Wecon LX3V-485-2BD plc module

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AD, DA, PT, TC Mixed;

Light capacity

Low Cost;

one PLC can connect more than two BD boards, one of them is Analogue BD board, the other is communicating board

Performance specifications:

  Resolution(bit) Input/Output Corresponding range of values Others
Input Output Sensor available
DA 12 - Current: 4~20mA - 0~2000  
AD 12 Current: 4~20mA - - 0~2000  
PT 14 - - Sensor:
TC 14 - - Sensor:
K type: -100~1200℃
J type: -100~600℃

Wecon LX3V series PLC module

LX3V series BD module Description
LX3V-2AD2DA-BD 2 channels analog input(4-20mA)/2 channels analog output (4-20mA)
LX3V-2PT2DA-BD 2 channels thermal resistance input/2 channels analog output(4-20mA)
LX3V-2TC2DA-BD 2 channels thermal couple input/2 channels analog output
LX3V-2AD-BD 2 channels analog input(4-20mA)
LX3V-2DA-BD 2 channels analog output(4-20mA)
LX3V-2PT-BD 2 channels thermal resistance input
LX3V-2ТС-BD (developing) 2 channels thermal couple input
LX3V-485-2BD (developing) 2 channels RS485 communication board
LX3V-CAN-BD (developing) 1 channel CAN communication board
LX3V-ETH-BD (developing) 1 channels Ethernet communication board