Wecon LX3V-1WT Weighing PLC Module

Wecon LX3V-1WT Weighing PLC Module

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Computing: set the value of tare, selectable display of net weight or gross weight

More high frequency, reducing accuracy

Anti-dither: selectable filter mode and strength

Validation: get the most accurate weight value

Reset: reset all parameters to default value

Check if it is stable based current configurations

Check if it is no-load status based current configurations

To reduce the interference of temperature changing

LX3V-1WT weighing module specifications

Value Frequency
0 6.25HZ
1 12.5HZ
2 25HZ
3 50HZ
4 100HZ
5 200HZ
6 400HZ

PLC Expansion Modules Products List

Model Description Model Description
LX3V-8EX 8 input terminals (X) LX3V-4AD 4 channels analog input
LX3V-8EYR 8 relay output terminals (Y) LX3V-4DA 4 channels analog output
LX3V-8EYT 8 transistor output terminals (Y) LX3V-2AD 2 channels analog input
LX3V-16EX 16 input terminals (X) LX3V-2DA 2 channels analog output
LX3V-16EYR 16 relay output terminals (Y) LX3V-4PT 4 channels thermocouple input
LX3V-16EYT 16 transistor output terminals (Y) LX3V-4TC 4 channels thermal resistance input
LX3V-1WT 1 channel weighing signal input LX3V-2PT 2 channels thermocouple input
LX3V-2WT 2 channels weighing signal input LX3V-2TC 2 channels thermal resistance input
LX3V-1PG 1 channel high speed pulse output LX3V-1PSU Extended power supply module
LX3V-4LC 4 channels temperature control - -